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Whatever you are facing : Do It Afraid, Do it Discouraged, Do it Alone: “We Are Holding The Purse!”

Life Lessons: Whatever you are facing : Do It Afraid, Do it Discouraged, Do it Alone:

“We Are Holding The Purse!”

This has been a year of upheaval for all of us in so many ways.Amidst fears of Covid, politics, losses, cancellations, health, andfinances, life is difficult.  This morning as my eyes drifted to a corner of my closet, I saw my precious Mother’s purse sitting tucked away on my shelf.  I have kept it all of these years because it was something she always had. No matter where she was, or what she was doing she would say “where is my purse?” and would tuck it on her lap in her wheelchair. She would go nowhere without it. There is something about a purse for women, it holds the necessities that keeps us feeling secure. I went to a concert performed by the late great Aretha Franklin. Bedazzled in her sparkling dress, before she began to sing she sat her purse down on the floor beside her chair. I smiled something my mother would have done. When I see my mother’s purse, I am reminded of her tenacity, courage, and resilience during difficult times. Her red tam, her gloves and wallet remain tucked in place. I smile as I see grace, dignity, elegance and excellence. Perfection? No, but a well lived life where she faced the challenges and made the most of what she had.  I found myself saying out loud, “Mom, I am holding your purse for you, until I see you again.” More than literally, figuratively holding her purse means doing my best to hold up the integrity, grace, and dignity she lived each day of her life. Whose purse or wallet are you holding today? A parent, a spouse, a friends? Whose purse, mantle, baton has been passed to you? During these difficult times, just as we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, our children and family are standing on ours. My mother used to say,” this earth is not our home, we are just pilgrims passing through.” She had a strong faith and believed heaven was her home.

We all at times during these unpredictable days, feel afraid, discouraged and alone. Especially with all the uncertain, frightening news, we miss the people who have been pillars in our lives who are no longer here. Keep holding the purse! It means we are holding onto to their faith, our faith and hope no matter how we may feel. Friends, cherish this day, cherish your dream and cherish each other. Do it afraid, do it discouraged and do it alone! Keep holding the purse! Hold on to hope!  Like Paul we are to be “prisoners of hope”. Like David, we are to “rest in hope.

Whatever you may be facing today, keep holding the purse!” For the” race goes not to the swift,  but to those who endure”.  Like Abraham, because” he endured he received the promise.” One day when I see my beautiful mother again, I hope to tell her I held onto her purse…and hear the words…”Well done.”

Blessings my friends! Stay encouraged!


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