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Snatch the Band-Aid!

New Mantra for Life: “Snatch the Band- Aid!”

I was in Kroger’s yesterday and I heard this woman screaming. Alarmed, I looked around to see what was happening. She was wearing her mask and looked aghast! She screeched at a man walking by her who did not have on a mask, “That man just sneezed!” Over the top I’d say! Yet her reaction reflects the uncertainty and fear many of us fear as we re-enter society. Whether it be worry about getting the virus, uncertainty about the future, disappointment, or hesitancy dealing with a difficult person or situation: re-entering into our new normal can bring mixed feelings coupled with anxiety.

Sometimes in life we have to face our demons. In the words of the writer Alice Walker “I grew more from my demons than my angels.” Our most difficult trials can lead us to our greatest blessings. What to do when facing fear, a disappointment, embarrassment, feelings of shame and guilt that we fell below the perceived expectations as we reenter?

Wise words from my son Robbie who has faced many situations that would cause some to halt in their tracks and bury their head in the sand, “Snatch the Band-aid!”. Say what it is, and move forward! It will only sting for a moment, more for you than anyone else. When faced with shame, frustration, and feelings of failure….Snatch the Band Aid! When asked what you are doing, or why it is taking so long or you feel like others are looking down on you and you are feeling inadequate…Snatch the Band Aid!

To build confidence when others question you or you question yourself in the face of fear or perceived lack: Snatch the Band-Aid and Do it afraid! Simply state: “Moving toward Mastery” and HOLD ON to your dreams! Replace fear, shame, lack, and feelings of inadequacy with gratitude and victory! Remember: we invite into our presence what we expect. Whatever causes you to pause with fear or shame today: Snatch the Band Aid! Underneath that wound in time, God provides healing. It’s a glorious new day! The sun is shining and we have the gift of breath to begin it. Whatever you are facing: Snatch the Band-Aid and proceed empowered!”

“Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God.” Philippians 3:13-14

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