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“Even Now” There Are No Coincidences, Only Divine Appointments

I was out walking this weekend on a carriage trail for some “be still” time. The quietness, the beautiful green canopy provided by the leaning trees, the breeze interrupted by the birds in major conversation, provided a sacred space. These days with Covid anxiety, I have noticed that many people do not speak. I am intentional about saying hello, smiling, attempting eye contact, doing something to acknowledge our presence. I passed a man going up the hill as my daughter and I were walking down. I smiled at him in passing then stopped in my tracks and turned around. I said “Are you John’s (name changed) Dad? John had been a patient of mine for many years with developmental delays. Sadly John as a young man passed away several years ago.

Over the years I had gotten to know the whole family. I asked about his surviving children and his beautiful wife. Children with disabilities present another level of concerns because it is like having children that never grow up. These two were phenomenal parents, facing continual behavioral and medical challenges, often in the midst of tears and helpless frustration they modeled God’s unconditional love. I looked into this father’s eyes and said “You know I still see John’s smile and hear his laugh as he shared toys and magazines he was excited about in my office.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said he had just left the cemetery visiting John. I could see it brought him validation and joy that someone else remembered his precious son. We continued walking and passed him again as he was going down and we were walking up the hill. He stopped again as we passed and said he started to not walk as it had been raining but was so glad he came. We both felt blessed to see each other. Then he looked at me and said “You know, I still have it, it is in my car.” I knew immediately what the “it” was. In the midst of a difficult time in the care of their son, I had given them a small smooth rock they could hold in their hands.

The rock is a reminder stone from the biblical story of Lazarus of Jesus’ words “Even now, whatever you ask of God, He will give you” John 11:22. “Even now, despite the odds, despite the circumstances, God can “roll away” the stones that block us from our miracles. Stones of depression, illness, anxiety, finances, whatever is blocking our blessings, God can make the impossible possible. My husband once said to me “why do you have rocks all over this house?” It is true, I find rocks in my pockets, in my car, in my purse, continual reminders that give me hope on my most difficult days that God is able. John’s Dad said his stone was in his car and he still rubs it in his hands to remember the power of God and hope during challenging times. Was our meeting serendipity? Was it Coincidence? Or was it divine appointment? I KNOW that God orders our steps and with him there are only divine appointments.

Whatever you are facing today, remember the stones! The reminders that in the midst of all the challenges of 2020, “even now” no matter where you are or what you are facing that this can be the year that changes your life; and in small steps, the world for good. Be blessed and know that “even now” your divine appointments await! Have a great day!

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