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Dr. Walker has created a gentle yet powerful and inspirational work. The heartfelt story, lovely illustrations and healing tools offer comfort, courage, and spiritual renewal to grieving souls. The enduring messages are hope triumphs over despair, love never dies, and even in grief, gratitude may be found. Do not miss this book! If you are not suffering through loss, choose it for someone who is. Unforgettable!


Karlene McCowan, MSN, Author in Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul

Heart warming, inspiring and powerful!

What an awesome, powerful and inspirational book that gives you the prescription to find Hope and Healing as you journey through the valley of grief and loss! Dr. Walker allowed God to use her gift as a psychiatrist to share the message that love endure in all seasons of life. That it never dies even in the face of death! It was a blessing to me and I just purchased 3 copies to pass this blessing on to others who are on this journey!

Teresa J Johnson

An elegant and genuine story of true love.

Good Night Beautiful Mother is an open door into the soul of a daughter. As she carries us along her journey of remembrance, it is easy to fall in love with the beautiful mother that inspired the author.

The thoughtful expressions and heartfelt illustrations convey the warmth and comfort that surely accompanied the embraces of Beautiful Mother.

Anyone who has lost someone they love will be reminded of fond memories. More importantly the reader will find a new appreciation for all the beautiful mother and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, family and friends they are blessed to still have in their lives.

A must read.


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