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“He Who Laughs Last…Laughs Longest”

This year on New Year’s Eve my family opened up our “Time Capsule” where we wrote down our goals for 2017. Well…my sons and daughter actually did very well! Not all but many goals were checked off. My husband Bob also had some check offs. But for me, when we read my list….we all laughed… I didn’t do so well… They meant no harm, at one point they had tears in their eyes and almost fell off their chairs with laughter. I must admit I laughed along with them. But I must also admit, it didn’t feel so good. The same goals remain works in progress. Were they too lofty? Nope!!! I truly remain a believer in miracles! I have witnessed many in my lifetime. I simply need to be consistent and put as much energy into working with God to manifest miracles in my own life as I do for others. So it is …I am on a roll. Never again!!!! Have you heard that phrase…”He (She) who laughs last…laughs longest? I did some research. This proverb originated in Tudor, England. It is found in print in the play Christmas Prince, first performed at Cambridge around 1608: “Laugh on laugh on my friend…He laugheth best that laugheth to the end” Phrases.orgUK

I placed my 2018 list in the time capsule AND made a copy and put it on my desk so that it can smile at me and motivate me each morning.

Have you ever had anyone laugh at you and your hopes and dreams? It didn’t and doesn’t feel good does it? Did you know in the in the Bible before some of the greatest miracles were performed by Jesus: that people “laughed.” Sarah laughed before her miracle. (Gen. 21:6.) People laughed before Jesus miracle in Mark 5:40.

I still believe 21 days to change a habit is a lofty goal to work toward. New Year! New Day! New You!

Make your list and place it where you can see it. Be reminded and encouraged that ALL things are possible with God! Lets make this day a day of peace and miracles through what we COMPLETE…no matter how big or small. Completion of tasks…may we be not just busy today…but productive! Keeping a healthy sense of balance as we lean on our three pillars to keeping our joy: Remembering past victories, practicing self compassion, and remaining in a place of gratitude…for what is.

Join me in moving toward our miracles. Little bit by little bit, with our hands in God’s…day by day. I would love to hear from you as we move toward victory together! I believe in God I believe in you I believe in miracles! Have a day filled with grace, joy, and gratitude…Looking forward to that day of “laughter” ! I Believe! Blessings!

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