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Life Lessons: #BeAnAnswer To Someone’s Prayer 🙏🏽

​Today my daughter Chloe spoke words that resonated deep within my soul. Her friend lost her mother several years ago and was having a painful time coping with her loss. On Mother’s Day visiting California, my return flight was canceled enabling me to stay an additional day. On that gift day, Chloe shared her friend was consumed with sadness. We spontaneously stopped to give her our little book “Good Night Beautiful Mother” hoping it might lend peace. Today she told Chloe that our visit was an “answer to her prayer”. On the day we stopped by, unknown to us, her friend troubled had prayed for guidance as efforts to see a psychiatrist failed. On that extra day, her friend and I talked in her parking lot about coping with loss. She shared with Chloe today during that difficult time, we were an “answer to her prayer”. Her friend added our little book was being taken overseas with missionaries to give to people they knew who were facing tragic loss. Wow! I always say “Trust the Process”. Today in church we sang the song “I give myself away so you can use me. Here I am, here I stand, Lord, my life is in your hands. Lord I’m longing to see your desires revealed in me.” You just never know! Our little becomes much in God’s hands. My new intention each day: #BeAnAnswer to Someone’s Prayer. A moving thought! It takes the focus off of self and onto others. What a powerful gift if each day we made it part of our morning prayers, amidst our expressions of gratitude and requests: to “Be An Answer To Someone’s Prayer.” I believe this intention is a gateway to opening the door to miracles! We would be God’s hands! No higher calling! Today I am adding a new hashtag to my list of favorites:#BeABlessing #BeARainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud and now #BeAnAnswer to Someone’s Prayer. You just never know, through your smile of kindness, your word of encouragement, taking time to pause and listen, you could “be an answer to someone’s prayer.” 

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