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Strong Start! Strong Finish! Strong Faith!! Day 2: Reframe and Be: “The Gift of I AM”

STRONG START! STRONG FINISH! STRONG FAITH! Day 2: Reframe and Be: “The Gift of I AM” Create Your Own Mantra: Let your words reflect the empowered version of yourself you would love to be: Begin With ” I AM” Sometimes we are afraid to dream dreams. We feel like all that is good, and all that is possible is available to everyone but us. Today we are going to dare to dream, dare to hope, and dare to believe. Together we will remind ourselves as we live “strong faith” that ALL things truly are possible. In the words of the Harvard professor Amy Cuddy in her book Presence: “Being your boldest self is your biggest challenge.” I love those words: Being our Boldest Self!” Look out now, who knows what we can accomplish!

It is so important to be kind to ourselves. The first “I am” statements most of us wake up with and repeat throughout the day are: ” I am fat, I am ugly, I am a failure, I am disorganized, I am stupid , I am unloved.” What if today we begin to rewire our brains and begin a new synaptic pathway. There is power in reframing our thoughts, the words we think, the words we speak.

Time to Reframe: My favorite mantra: Imagine who You Hope to become….then begin to be!

Embrace the change! REFRAME: I am fat: REPLACE: I am healthy, I am exercising, I am eating healthy and I am being my best!

I am disorganized REPLACE: I am organized, I am moving toward day by day I am stupid: REPLACE: I am smart, I am capable, I can do ALL things with God I am a failure: REPLACE: I am successful, I am capable, I am confident, I am competent I am unloved: REPLACE: I am loved, I am loving…I am a child of God…I am never alone. Today we begin to be our BOLDEST SELF! Let the words of our “boldest self” speak! Add to your “I AM” statements the image of yourself you hope to become. Jump out the box! Today I add to my I AM statements: I AM organized! I Am on time! I Am the best wife, mother, doctor, sister, friend, servant and server of God I can be! I AM a best selling author and speaker traveling world! (How is that for out the box?!) What will YOU write? Who is the you within that is bursting to breakout to become! Write it down!!!! …….Then begin to be!!! In so doing….we will replace the “I am Fat and I am inadequate” with the wonderful words: I am truly BEAUTIFUL…….within and without….. Miracle Verse: “God calls things which are not, as though they are.” Romans 4:17

Power Quote: As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.” Solomon, James Allen

Encouraging Words” Ted X Talk: Amy Cuddy “ Your body language may shape who you are”

You Tube: “The Power of I Am” Joel Osteen

Strong Start! Strong Finish! Strong Faith! Day 2: Reframe and Be: “The Gift of I Am” Write it Down!

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