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Have you lost someone you love more than life itself? Has their loss left you feeling heartbroken with an empty void? Do you know someone you care about who has lost a loved one and you want to provide support but don’t know what to say or do? “Good Night Beautiful Mother” is Dr. R. Jenee Walker’s tender story about love that endures throughout the seasons of life. It is a brief story about forever love that transcends the joys and sorrows of life and never dies even in the face of death. Whether you have experienced the loss of a mother, father, grandparent, child, or friend, there is a universal sense of knowing and shared understanding that connects us all when you lose someone you cherish. This book has beautiful illustrations that are faceless so that you can assimilate your own loved one directly into the story. Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, regret, pain, guilt, and anger that wax and wane like the ocean flow? Are you feeling stuck? In the Epilogue: Healing Words, you will discover 14 tools that Dr. Walker has found invaluable guiding herself as well as her patients on their healing journey toward finding peace and renewed joy. Good Night Beautiful Mother is not about sadness, but about the comfort and joy we find in remembering. This endearing story is everyone’s story as we all have our turn with loss. Good Night Beautiful Mother” offers readers of all ages hope and healing words that reminds us all that death is not an end, but a beginning.

Good Night Beautiful Mother Paperback – May 7, 2017

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